Structural Evaluation of an Investment Property
Structural Issues of Concern
New construction, site plans, architectural drawings, detail design necessary for permit
Design changes due to unforeseen conditions
Retaining walls

Norton Consulting Engineers, LLC has a unique blend of knowledge and experience which enables them to provide exceptional service to their clients.

We provide a variety of services including:
Topographical conditions affecting structure
General conditions of the structure
Defining problem areas, courses of remediation, and associated costs for remediation
Reports and documentation necessary for real estate and insurance transactions

Structure Design
Basement moisture intrusion
Garage and basement slab settlement and cracking
Exterior cracks in masonry walls and foundations
Settlement of floors

Damage Assessment
Natural disaster, flood, storm, earthquake
Insect damage
Compromised retaining walls​
Evaluation of Construction Practices
Assessment of current construction as per professional practices, and code compliance
Investigation of construction completed with subsequent structural issues